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The Marketing Mindset

Day before yesterday I finish my workout and I’m on the way to the front desk, pass the sadly empty cafe bar. Seems that despite multiple tries, you cannot generate enough revenue selling protein shakes and muffins to gym members to keep it afloat. So they put a glass front cooler in – full of Gatorade, Muscle Milk and the like.
As I passed the cooler, I pulled out my car keys and something clicked. My keychain has a fob on it that says “Sport & Health”. On the flip side there’s a barcode that is tied to my account, so they can track how much I use their facility. My gym requires that you set up an auto withdrawal from a bank account to pay your dues.

I looked at the cooler for a second and then walked over to the counter and spoke to the very large bodybuilder behind it:

Me: I’m in marketing, and I have an idea you might be able to use.
Arnold: I’m listening.
Me: I come in here in my workout clothes like a lot of other people, and I don’t bring my wallet. It’s 101 outside, and I’m about to climb into a hot car, I’m drenched with sweat. If I had a way to buy a drink, I probably would. What if I could take this keyfob which is already tied to my account, and a Gatorade, and put them both in front of the scanner on your counter, and then have you just add the drink to my dues next month? 

Now I have his full attention. Maybe he’s a manager or part owner? He stares straight at me and says…

Arnold: That’s a good idea.
Me: It is a good idea. If you did that, none of your members would need to use cash to get a drink. I always put something like PayPal on my websites because people tend to regard it as “funny money”. They don’t feel like they are spending real money. Same thing with the keyfob. I bet you could push this and sell a lot of drinks.

Arnold: You’re done with your workout, right?
Me: Yes.
Arnold:  Take whatever you want out of the cooler. Your drink’s on me today.

Marketing is a mindset. You should have this in mind every time you look at your website:

How can I make it easier for them to give me their money?