Getting more backlinks

Getting Out of the Backlinks Box

infographics for seoThose of you who follow us on Facebook may remember a couple of months ago when I received a great suggestion from Leo Dimilo concerning the value of infographics for SEO.
When I get advice from someone I trust, I actually do something with it. In this instance, I had one of my SEO teams come up with a beautiful infographic for our microscope site. We distributed it as far and wide as we could to pretty much every niche on the planet that had anything to do with lenses, magnification, photography, or inspection of parts.

See the original infographic here.

Since we put it out there, the response has been tremendous. I have no idea how many links were generated to our site, but they number in the hundreds. All natural, some from some very big blogs and websites, from a large variety of site types. Anchor text variations include my name, the site name, and keywords related to our product category.

In short, perfect. So much so that the above pic was sent to me by the team leader, along with this:

Social Media results
Check out this screenshot from one of the sites that posted your diopter infographic, 42 FB Likes and 6 +1’s (one of those was me, but I did not use the staff to increase these #s they were real users). Pretty cool.

There’s no telling how many links we’ll get, and how many visitors / sales that will generate over time, both due to direct visits, and from the increase in our site’s authority. Now, I don’t expect that everyone, especially those just starting out, can have a team on hand to implement this kind of idea – but you can do a lot on your own.

The important thing is to try and get out of the box. What box? The one everyone else is stuck in. The box with these old ideas:

  1. I need to spend my time building a butt-load of backlinks
  2. I need to count my backlinks
  3. I need to control my backlinks
  4. I need to make sure my backlinks look natural
1) My guys spent zero time generating hundreds of backlinks – because they spent time creating great content, and then giving it away.
2) Would anyone like to explain to me how I could ever find all of the links coming from that infographic? Over the next two or three years? The work is done. Better to spend time on the next piece of content than sit around like some Excel obsessed twit fiddling with spreadsheets, and sorting things by anchor text.
3) Here’s a better question: Why should I care? Honestly, who gives a shit? Those links will have anchor text that will vary quite a bit, some will be worth a lot, some will be worth a little. But they will all have some things in common: they help with my site authority, and they will send a few people to my site.
4) They look natural, because they ARE. People are linking back to our site because it is worth it to them and we gave them something that their readers will find valuable.

Leo’s idea was perfect for us, and has spurred me to think about other ways we can stand out from the crowd. You’ll see an example of this here on towards the end of the month.

In the next post, we’ll take a look at a way for you to generate your own “fancy graphics” for free, using a piece of software you already have on your computer.