Graphics Tools for Ecommerce

Free Ecommerce Tools – Graphics Edition

One of the most common excuses I hear from people who are thinking about launching a store, but don’t – is that it’s expensive. That’s true, but not in the way that they think.

The real expense is time. You do have to put in some hours to make sure that you set things up correctly, and can actually make money. But the pieces that make up your store, your lumber, windows, and concrete – this stuff is so close to free that it’s silly.

Plan your Shopify Store

I’m starting a Shopify store, what should I do first?

I’ve taken some liberties with Julien’s question here to produce a better title. Here’s his original query:

“I’m starting a Shopify store, what can I do everyday to work on it?”
When I saw this, I thought “wow, I hope he hasn’t started putting it together yet.” Because most people go about this back-asswards. Here’s the usual (and wrong) sequence:

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